About Sarah Jo

After a railroaded trial, a judge sentenced her to 110 years for two murders for which Sarah maintained she was not guilty. Six months later, Richard Hull pleaded guilty to the murders and subsequently testified that he had manufactured the main piece of evidence used to convict Sarah, and that she was actually innocent. Despite this revealing evidence a judge denied Sarah a new trial. We are now campaigning to aid her in financing a re-analysis of the evidence using new technology and prove that Sarah was framed for murder. We want JUSTICE.

Justice for all. Sarah believes in loving and living as though all people deserve the same, basic human respect regardless of any social stigma. Justice system who are treated as a second class of less-than human beings, sadly subjected to countless indignihes and abuses by our government institutions.

Read more about Sarah's case on our official campaign website "Fair Justice for Sarah Jo pender"


  1. After seeing Sarah's story on "Snapped" I'm horrified by our legal system. I googled her name expecting to see thousands of people who agreed with me, but instead I find the internet is littered with lies and half-truths about the case. She deserves a fair trial.

  2. I find it astounding that a human being can get such a harsh sentence on such flimsy evidence.

    I watch the Investigation Discovery channel and am routinely shocked at some of the heinous crimes I see, and even more shocked to see them all but get away with it. I watched Gertrude Baniszewski torture and mutilate innocent 16-year old Sylvia Likens to death in four months, a crime that was described as the most horrific violent crime in Indiana's history. She was paroled in 20 years! I watched a North Carolina woman torture and kill the special needs 13-year old daughter of her Australian mail order husband, and her penalty was FIFTEEN YEARS! Just tonight I watched a woman get 8 years for plotting with the church pastor to kill her husband so the two of them could be "together forever".

    Given these stories, I find it unbelievable that a woman can get 110 years for her boyfriend's murder, a murder that didn't even involve torture or cruelty of any kind, and against people who were criminal types themselves! I find it even more shocking that she would get solitary confinement, a penalty considered by many to be a form of torture. Not only does she deserve a fair and impartial second trial, but she deserves retribution for all she's been through. This story makes me angry.

  3. The media the police and the justice system exacerbates the truth. I believe this woman did not and could not receive a fair and impartial trial. Maybe someday she will get a new trial and I hope she will be able to go free .